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About the research

The study consulted countless collections, archives and institutions over the course of two years of work.

The research on Lilly Ebstein Lowenstein’s story and works for the publication of a book, the organization of an exhibition and the development of this site was done during 2012 and 2013 in 6 different collections.

Research in the Library/Information Center on Public Health at USP’s School of Public Health enabled us to rebuild the work published by Lilly in two of the institution’s essential journals. The first one was Revista de Medicina do Centro Oswaldo Cruz / Faculdade de Medicina da USP, from 1916 to 1967, and the second one was Annals of the School of Medicine of São Paulo, from 1926 to 1957. The extent of Lilly’s work found in these two publications allowed us to know and understand her contribution to the School of Medicine and some of its main professors from 1926 until 1956.

The second collection was Instituto Biológico’s Centro de Memória (Heritage Center), with a well-structured archive that enabled us to find original drawings by Lilly, books, journals and brochures where they were published, in addition to original photographs of the Avian Pathology Department, which served as reference for the drawings and countless other documents. The journals O Biológico and Archivos do Instituto Biológico de Defesa Agrícola e Animal were also researched. Her work and contribution to Instituto Biológico were unknown, but now 191 original works by Lilly have been identified and catalogued.

The third collection is that of the Lette-Verein School in Berlin, which provided books, reports and photographs about the school’s history, and this enabled us to draw an overview of Lilly’s education from 1911 to 1914. The fourth very important collection was USP’s School of Medicine’s Library, where we found PhD, Inaugural and Associate Professorship dissertations with drawings or photomicrographies by Lilly. The fifth collection is the one at FMUSP’s Museu Histórico Prof. Carlos da Silva Lacaz, which provided information and photographs of the institution. The sixth collection belonged to Ester Silva Loewenstein, Lilly’s granddaughter, who kept an original album of Anatomical drawings, her Lette-Verein School diploma, birth and naturalization certificates, passport and other items.

In addition to these collections, Professor of Anatomy Edson Aparecido Liberti from the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas, ICB-USP provided an issue of the book Anatomia Topográfica. Parte Especial. Membro Superior, by Odorico Machado de Souza and showed us the scientific and artistic quality of Lilly’s drawings. The research also obtained the documents on Lilly from the Personnel Department at USP, thanks to the Dean’s Office; and on her naturalization process, from the Arquivo Nacional (National Archives), in Rio de Janeiro.


Ester Silva Loewenstein

Narrativa Um - Projetos e Pesquisas de História

Book, Historical and Iconographic Research
Book: Ciência e Arte: A Trajetória de Lilly Ebstein Lowenstein entre Berlim e São Paulo (1910-1960). Editora Narrativa Um - Projetos e Pesquisas de História; bilingual Portuguese-English, 240 pages 4 colors with photographs, reproduction of drawings and photomicrographies. Price: R$ 80.00.

Historical research, text and editing: Monica Musatti Cytrynowicz and Roney Cytrynowicz
Book Design: Ricardo Assis/Negrito Produção Editorial; English translation: Hannah P. Thalenberg